Attorney Fee Deferral

Trial Attorneys: You already know that structured settlements help your client maximize their settlement value, but did you know that you can structure your attorney fees, too? As trial lawyers, you have the unique ability to defer all or a portion of your contingency fees into several types of tax-advantaged investments. 

The best way to structure attorney fee deferrals all depends on an individual's unique situation. Hibernia helps you identify your options and customizes a strategy that meets your needs. Our approach factors in your age, retirement goals, lifestyle and more. Learn more about our feeChamp program below. 

Fixed-index and traditional annuities 

Attorneys may select from several structured settlement annuity options in addition to a fixed-index annuity. Minimums may vary based on the product and non-fixed options may include annual fees. However, non-fixed annuities may offer the opportunity for more growth than a fixed annuity.

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Private Wealth Portfolio

Fee Structure Plus allows attorneys to invest a contingency fee in a market-related investment portfolio. Our wealth advisors actively manage the funds while still allowing for guaranteed income on a tax-deferred basis. 

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Treasury Funded Structured Settlement

A Treasury Funded Structured Settlement is backed by the United States government. It uses U.S. Treasury Bonds as the underlying investment. This is a very safe and reliable fee deferral option.

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